Thin Blue Line Paracord Survival Bracelets
They are called "Survival Bracelets" and are worn by military because the bracelet contains approx. 10 - 15 feet of 550 cord. In case of a survival situation, the bracelet is unwound and the cord is used for what ever purpose is needed. Also, 550 cord has 7 internal strands that can be used to stitch wounds, as fishing line, or thread to repair gear and clothes. I have never heard them called "combat" bracelets or that soldiers make them for each other before missions. I have only heard them called survival bracelets and they are quite common among hikers, hunters, military personnel and others who may find themselves in a situation where a length of rope is needed. There are whole forums dedicated to survival uses of paracord.

We Only Ship to U.S. Addresses

We have some exciting new colors and patterns for our customers:
  • Creamsicle
  • Black Widow
  • Grapevine
  • Desert Foliage Pattern
  • Cotton Candy
  • Copperhead
  • Leopard
  • Holly Jolly Christmas
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Royal Blue
  • Royal Mountain
  • Salmon
  • Bumble Bee
Be sure to use our Size Chart to get the best fit. New Size Options for ladies and children we now offer a 1/4-inch size listed as "Narrow" compared to our regular 3/8-inch size. Simply choose narrow.

Here is a comparison image of the regular bracelet and the narrow ladies' and children's bracelet.

Congratulations Ely and Kilo
Congratulations to Officer Jeff Grim and K9 Kilo of Front Royal PD and Officer Brian Sproule and K9 Ely of Manassas Park PD, with being awarded a K-9 ballistic vest. Also thank you to PT Armor for an excellent K9 vest, and working with us. Our goal is to provide K-9 ballistic to every working K-9 team.

Ballistic Vest Award Winners

Officer K-9 Department
Jeff Grim Kilo Front Royal PD
Brian Spoule Ely Manassas Park PD
Chad Brubaker Zar Fauquier Co. SO
Larry Myers
2011 Iron Dog Winner
Loki Orange Co. SO
Hank Fuller Thor Southampton Co. SO
Alex Smith Vader Stafford Co. SO

Our Bracelets
We will be happy to make any single or two color bracelet using your agency colors, or Unit colors. Just choose your inside and outside colors along with the size.

If you use your Survival Bracelet, we will replace it "FREE" of charge, we only ask that you send us the remaining pieces and how you used it so we may post it on the website.

*** A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Virginia Police Canine Association towards buying vest for the Patrol K-9's ***

Original Thin Blue Line
Motor Unit

Our Price: $12.00

Original Thin Blue Line

This is the original bracelet that started it all the Thin Blue Line.
Thin Blue Line Colonial
Civil Disturbance - Corrections

Our Price: $12.00

Original Thin Blue Line

This is the original bracelet that started it all the Thin Blue Line.
Key Chain
Civil Disturbance - Corrections

Our Price: $10.00

Outside Color

Inside Color

Key Chain
Key chains available in your favorite colors.